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Yesterday I finally got to go to RI Comic Con after not being able to last year to see one of my childhood icons and by absolute surprise, one of my favorite cosplay groups. I don't know how to properly describe how happy I've been since yesterday and my smile continues to hurt my face today xD I was so nervous once I got there though. The main reason for my going to this convention, was to meet the legendary Jason David Frank and the rest of the cast of Power Rangers. However, I only got to meet JDF since I didn't have enough money to meet the other rangers and villains or Phil Lamar, who was also there, or even the legendary Adam West.... Actually Adam West was going to be expensive to meet. 80 bucks each for an autograph and a picture with him. Adam I love you, but you are not worth that much money to meet sir, I'm sorry. Even if I had it, I would not spend it. So after a half hour of searching and running into Jeremy Shada with my friends, we finally found JDF! Even though I was short on cash, I was allowed to give what I had left in my wallet and get a pic with him and my little brother. I didn't get to talk to him long, but just the fact that I shook hands with him and stuff, it was enough for me! I'll see you next year JDF! AND WITH MORE MONEY TO GET THE OTHER RANGERS TO TAKE PICS WITH ME!!! I literally went to this thing thinking I didn't need much money and kinda stupidly thought I was going to get free autographs and pics... Fuck. Ah well I still had a good time! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While looking around for these Star Wars cosplayers my little brother wanted to take a pic with, I ran into my favorite cosplayers, :iconredustrial-ruin: and :iconmaxieyi: !!!!
I saw them pass by me and my friends at first in the mall connected to the convention, but I didn't think it was them at first because I'm an idiot xD BUT, we saw them go by again through one of the isles in in the convention and I nervously asked if they were who they thought the were, and I was like, "Fucking picture time!!!" I'm sorry if I seem more eccentric than usual as you read this, but holy hell, it was unexpected and awesome! My favorite people in the whole world all in one day, it's like Christmas came early this year. We then ran into them AGAIN while my brother and I were looking for Assassin Creed toys, he wanted an Ezio action figure or at least just see if there was one on the racks. If you guys find and read this, I want to say once again that is was a real honor and a treat to meet you guys and I hope we see each other again someday! There were so many amazing cosplayers here at the convention yesterday and I even made two new friends along the way. Most importantly, I'm glad my brother got to experience his first convention too and next year he and I will dress up for it! Yesterday it was a well earned trip and experience for him; he's been doing so well in school and he gave me the courage to go up and take a pic with Jason and I just had to squeeze the little guy into the pic (literally lol; he was more looking forward to finding the Anakin and Obi-Wan cosplayers to take a pic with lol). I'm nothing without this kid and even though I was hesitant to bring him with me and another friend of mine, (only because it was gonna be a large crowd and I didn't want him to feel overwhelmed), I was happy he got to come along and I'm more than happy he had fun and also got a pic with quite a few different cosplayers :) I'll be uploading pics soon, I need to find some AA batteries now because the camera is dead after a day of using it to collect images of awesomeness. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to fan boy hard all over the place and die a happy man-child. Hope everyone is doing alright and I hope my fellow RI friends that are going to the convention have an awesome time as well today! 
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My name is Gio! I'm an aspiring artist and voice actor! I have a unique style of drawing; though I'm not that good, but I'm still learning and getting slightly better each day. I love taking pictures of action figures and anything lego related so I'll upload those from time to time. You'll find some Bionicle MOCs in my gallery, and other miscellaneous characters. Curious to see what I've got, click on my gallery and take a tour of drawings and photos! I also do tons of voice impersonations. My friends know me best for voicing out Christopher Walken and Peter Griffin. I'm really good at doing Quagmire's voice and starting to get the hang of Stewie. I've been told I'm scary when I talk like good ol' Jack Nicholson.... GOOD! xD I can do a damn good Beetlejuice impression and I'm starting to better learn the fine art of speaking in Jack Sparrow's voice haha! I'm hoping one day my voice acting and/or art will take me somewhere someday. Here's to the future! Oh and I also like to cook too so I might upload pics of the food I make. No I don't have an Instagram lol. Well that's just about all I can say for myself here! But hey like I said, take a look at my gallery and see if you find anything you like! :)

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